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Pivotal Point

Our approach to designing Pivotal Point was to capitalize on the central city gateway location and deliver a landmark building easily visible by its gold crown apex. The mixed-use building comprises 43 levels and a mix of retail, commercial and residential facilities.

Pivotal Point is therefore a lively and animated sculptural solution. At the lower street levels the building engages and enhances the street connection with the adjacent park and marina edge. The curvilinear elements sculpt the ascension with marine referencing at mid levels. This culminates in an elliptical glass skin form at its peak. This sophisticated gold form becomes a marker from afar at the south end of the Broadwater which is contrasted against the bladed lift and stair core structure that soars to the buildings zenith.

The office designed the sculptured art at street level, which references the nearby Nerang River meeting the sea edge. The comprehensive design and urban planning of Pivotal Point promotes the maturing precinct of the Southport City.