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Arena Children's Centre

Dale Cohen Architects are working closely with Cardinia Shire Council as lead architects on the new Arena Children’s & Early Learning Centre.

The proposed Arena Children’s Centre – Officer will be one of a number of community facilities being planned within the growth area. Significant population growth and the arrival of six families per day into the Shire continue to increase the demand for accessible, multi-use and well-designed community child care infrastructure incorporating ESD initiatives. The project Includes 2 Early Learning Playspaces & Daycare Areas, Maternal Child & Health Spaces, Staff & Kitchen Areas, Carparking as well as a strong emphasis on landscaped play areas & urban design in a residential setting.

The design on the centre builds on the visceral forms & volumes of ‘homes’ - with the facade creating a distinct, playful, memorable series of ‘home shapes’. These shapes carry through to the internal areas providing for dynamic ceilings & spaces within the early learning centre.

The design of the centre considers the development & progress of learning stages of a child’s development and to this end, the internal spaces allow the children to ‘progress’ through the building. The layout of the internal playrooms ensures each room has a strong connection with the outdoor areas for indoor/outdoor activities.  The large playground provides challenging play catered to suit the varying age groups catered for in the centre.