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Transformer Cafe

The owners of an established cafe in Bayside approached us to ‘transform’ a tired cafe into an exciting and memorable 28-seat refurbishment. Designing for a narrow allotment and on a modest budget the design response sought to embrace existing parts of the tenancy and play with the linearity of the space. The owner wanted to create a cohesive cafe experience that embraces a playful interaction with the street continuing right through to the back wall of the cafe. Working closely with the clients and speaking to them about their experiences of running a cafe - it was likened to a game of tetris. 

The bold, geometric, ‘tetris-like’ street frontage romanticizes the hustle-bustle and robotics of a busy cafe - the ceiling extrusion captures a frame of this chaos during the busy day. The result is a ‘cave’ like atmosphere that is both warm and dynamic. The ‘transformative’ formal identity of the fit-out provides a popular new cafe space for staff and patrons.

A selection of cost effective materials and fixtures were chosen, including an eco-ply ceiling and wall return, recycled timbers, exposed copper pipes, and painted brickwork. Our multi-disciplinary services included the concept and graphic design.