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Sandringham Foreshore

The scheme explores the fractured path that meanders between the picturesque foreshore and the bike path/Beach Rd. The wonder of the track is that it is a journey of suspense, only metres away from the fast Beach Rd traffic. It interweaves through the fragile foreshore environs offering an array of inspiring vistas.

Over years of use, including the formation of the adjacent bike path and ongoing dune restoration, the Beach Path has informally set its own agenda, weaving in and out - often awkwardly intersecting with the furious bike path or carefully around closed sections of dune restoration. Sadly, it has morphed into a disparate and clumsy trail, secondary to the frenetic activities around. This is also coupled with the thousands of walkers, runners, pets and tourists alike who inadvertently continue to place more stresses on the wider environmental management of the area.

The following proposal and submission identifies two areas between Sims Street and Royal Avenue and makes a case for ‘bridging’ these moments of disparity/chaos. In doing so, it ensures the foreshores protection into the future as a case by ‘channeling’ a defined and recognizable path.

The proposal is a crafted architectural response that celebrates this journey in order to heighten the interface with the foreshore and aims to create continuum of the Beach Path experience. The materiality is sympathetic to the environment.  The bridge design is a walkway, a lookout, seating and a visual marker, with the timber colours emulating the profusion of the foreshore environs. It is a chance to sit; pause a moment; or keep on moving without the disruption of the increasing traffic on Beach Road.