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Coppin St

The Coppin Street project is a small extension to a single storey terrace house. Positioned against a larger 4 storey complex and sharing a party wall with another terrace the house sought to increase the quality and scale of living spaces with improved access to natural light.

The design achieves this by extending the main volume of the house linearly at the rear, broken by two side courtyards to provide natural sunlight and relationship to side gardens. The spatial arrangement allows for a connected series of living spaces right to the rear of the property and creates a sense that the house is larger than it actually is. The interior achieves heightened natural ventilation and sunlight while the truss members & untreated plates recount the neighbourhoods industrial past. Angled higher ceilings in the bedroom and laundry meet the in-filled shape of the truss webs to create a dynamic ceiling leading to the new extension.