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Wye River House

Situated in Wye River, perched overlooking the Bass Strait coastline and Otway hinterland, the coastal dwelling fuses both conditions, offering an intimate and elevated experience within its natural surround. The faceted and cantilevered roof and wall forms respond to the challenge of controlling the east/west sun on the main view axes and sheltering the internal-external interface spaces.

The project celebrates the coastal vernacular – responsive in its creation of a compact,faceted, shelter tent-like shack visually anchoring the ground and framing internal spaces that fully engage the environment. The prominent north end void connecting the master bedroom to the living room, layered in timber battens, allows a continuum of space and form and reinforces the commonality of living in the retreat.

The palette of materials compliments the coastal theme, seamlessly easing onto site. The encapsulating custom orb roof becomes wall and faceted eave soffit. The timber battening flows horizontally between interior bulkheads to enhance acoustic performance, and external eaves and walls, creating delicate compositions and mimicking the adjacent hinterland. The natural limestone to the central fireplace like the lush marble in the wet areas was chosen to reflect the estuary sands of the nearby and viewable river mouth.

At the crux of the project is the impetus for the highest ESD principles – it intelligently capitalizes on natural passive design, solar and water collection.

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