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Holzer Street

The Holzer street project responds to the challenge of adapting a traditional suburban block into three bespoke residences for different generations of the same family. The standard suburban site had the strategic advantage of a side and rear laneway and street frontage. To this end, our consideration was to create a new laneway precinct as well as the detailed design of the homes in celebration of the ‘re-generation’ of a family compound.

The planning involved positioning all living areas and bedrooms to the north with entry access off the side lane-way or street. When viewed there is the illusion that whilst appearing one storey, there are actually two. The roof ‘folds’ gesture to the lane-way as visual elements and clearly define the housing entrances. These roof forms additionally create articulated ceiling folds in the entrance void spaces and dynamically filter light within.

The rear residences feature rain gardens immediately adjacent to and apparent from the entries, which provide transparency throughout. There is also the generous setback on the northern boundary to allow for substantial rear north gardens. In an age of housing non-affordability, disparate families & monstrous housing in suburbia, the project demonstrates the latent opportunities that our suburbs possess for sustainable housing infill & architectures’ capacity to fuse the family nexus.

Photography | Tom Blachford