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Hedges 252

Hedges 252 is an 8 level 20 luxury apartment complex sited linearly on Hedges Avenue to enhance the project’s presentation and vantage to its exclusive address and to the nearby ocean edge. Expansive apartments are designed to maximize this relationship with central units elongated across the frontage and end units wrapped around the corners providing spaces with a further vantage dimension. 

Generous private and sheltered balcony and terrace areas are designed to encourage a seamless interface between indoor and outdoor living and shaped so that orthogonal and curvilinear forms overlap and interact to create a dynamic yet restrained and respectful architecture. 

Muscular encapsulating ‘floating” forms above the ground floor and at penthouse level, and vertically connected between, serve to frame and individually define apartments as well as creatively contrast with the sweeping balcony and eave lines.