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Elanora Library

The Elanora Library was designed to integrate with the busy Pines Shopping Centre and incorporate a new adaptable and versatile civic hub that fuses the different community activities of library, shopping centre, restaurants and car-parking. Underlying these components, was the creation of a civic identity that could re-establish a common ground and sense of community.

The design methodology centered on creating a sculptural elevated facade - akin to folded pieces of paper. This floated above a columned base and with an angled atrium piercing the structure to form a contemplative, naturally lit space internally. 

The innovative institutional project hinged on the highest ESD principles. Its climate sensitive design, including numerous energy/solar initiatives and water-efficiency systems enabled the civic building to achieve the highest benchmark standards for sustainability. 

The Elanora Library was recognized & awarded the Gold Coast Urban Design Award for Public Architecture in September 2007.